I’m Betsy Ladyzhets, a data journalist and science writer with a diverse background in research, writing, editing, and managing small publications.  Currently, I am a senior at Barnard College completing a dual degree in biology and English.   My work has appeared in outlets including Stacker Media, Bwog (Columbia Student News), and the communications of Black Rock Forest.  I’m seeking to pitch to science communication outlets and build connections between scientists and readers with all levels of scientific knowledge.

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Best and worst states for women’s health

To get a more complete picture of women’s health in every state, Stacker calculated an index using data from the Kaiser Family Foundation’s State Profiles for Women’s Health and CDC data.

The Forest in Fall: Tree Identification and Leaf Color

Betsy Ladyzhets, an undergraduate researcher at Black Rock Forest, walks through the basics of differentiating between common tree species in the forest.  This article is adapted from a post on her research blog.

State of the U.S. economy during the year you were born

Stacker set out to trace the milestones, pitfalls and major events that define the economic legacy of the century, using data from the Federal Reserve, Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Census, and other sources.

Creating Space For Computer Science At Barnard

Starting in the next academic year, Barnard is going to have a computer science department. Betsy Ladyzhets talked to Barnard’s Provost, as well as a professor and student involved in CS, to find out more on the impetus for creating this department, the process so far, and what it might look like in the future.

The New Barnard Housing Selection System: What Actually Changed And Where Did Everyone Pick?

Betsy takes an in-depth look at a new housing selection system which caused an uproar among Barnard students in spring 2018.

Requiem For The Barnard Dad Hats

Investigating the disappearance of the iconic Barnard Dad Hats, and waxing poetic on what they have meant to students.