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  • Betsy Ladyzhets
  • Senior at Barnard College; double major in biology and English with a concentration in Creative Writing
  • Writer of journalism pieces, original prose and poetry, and fanfiction
  • Biology student with a focus in tree ecology and physiology
  • Data journalist skilled in navigating public databases and designing data-driven stories; highly proficient in MS Excel



  • Writing & editing: Academic, creative, journalistic.
  • Managing & leadership: Leading a team of students in independent projects.
  • Programs: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, WordPress, Wix, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel.
  • Lab techniques: Solution preparation, titration, leaf sample preparation, CHN analysis, muffle furnace use, light microscopy, DNA extraction, RNA extraction.
  • Music: 14 years of piano, 12 years of clarinet.

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Resume: Resume – Betsy Ladyzhets