Rural demographics in every state

While big trends tell one story, no two states are the same when it comes to the demographics of their rural communities. Stacker used data from the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy and U.S. Census to dig into these data.

How COVID-19 projections compare to leading causes of death in America

In April 2020, COVID-19 became the leading cause of death. To date, this respiratory disease has already caused more deaths in the U.S. per year than all but the top seven leading causes of death; by August, it’s projected that COVID-19 will cause more deaths than every leading cause of death (except heart disease) in a full year.

27 factors that make you vulnerable to COVID-19

Using data from the CDC, public health resources, and reporting, Stacker compiled a list of 27 population groups that are vulnerable to COVID-19. For each group, Stacker compiled data on this population’s distribution across the United States.